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1. 注册域名之前,注意域名的历史whois信息

1. Before registering the domain name, pay attention to the historical whois information of the domain name


If a domain name is previously registered and punished, its adverse effects may be transferred to the new domain name owner. Before we register, we can go to whois domaintools. Check the history whois record of the domain name you want to register.

2. 域名期限是否影响权重和排名

2. Does the term of the domain name affect the weight and ranking


The age of the domain name does not have a great impact on the weight and ranking, but the term of the domain name may be a factor for Google to judge whether your domain name is legal or not. Therefore, after you buy the domain name, try to buy the service life of 2-3 years.


3. 注册域名是否要开启whois隐私保护?

3. Do you want to turn on whois privacy protection for registered domain names?


Enabling whois privacy protection may make Google feel that this website is trying to hide something. If your domain name registration time is short and the expiration date is short, then Google is likely to judge your domain name as an illegal website. When registering a domain name, try not to turn on whois privacy protection.


Usually, the keyword appearing in the top-level domain name has always been regarded as an important factor to get the ranking, but in fact, the effect of this strategy is very small. The keyword appearing in the domain name can only let Google judge the relevance of your website and user search at most.